Friday, January 7, 2011

Bahasa Melayu UPSR Question Bank (Bank Soalan), contoh soalan ramalan forecast UPSR and others

Halo teachers! Now you can find valuable Bahasa Melayu UPSR question bank ( Bank Soalan ) on UPSR and others such as Kertas Percubaan UPSR negeri, UPSR Paper Year 2010 - 2006 and all others.

For UPSR Trials and Past Year Question, Soalan Ramalan and Sample Question (Contoh Soalan), please click on the [ UPSR ] on top tab or click here.

For KSSR and KBSR Sample Question (Contoh Soalan), just click on the [ Teaching Aids / Question Bank ]  on top tab or click here. Hope it can help !

This question bank and contoh soalan will be updated frequently now to cater to teachers high demand of requesting Exam Paper or sample Question (contoh soalan) every year. You can click the FOLLOW button just right below in order to follow any new updates found in this web. Thanks.
Bank Soalan UPSR, Bank Soalan Percubaan UPSR, Soalan Peperiksaan


Anonymous said...

Some files cannot be downloaded (Huraian Sukatan Bahasa Inggeris Year 6, Rancangan Harian, etc). Why?

Admin said...

hey thanks! i have fixed few of the Rancangan Harian files. Now its good to be downloaded. about the huraian sukatan BI Year 6, it seems to be ok. Well, dont worry as i often check those download links. Keep me inform ya! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is a great website. i can get almost everything here! its like one-stop teacher resources. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

File RPT KH TAHUN 6 tidak boleh dibuka

Admin said...

RPT KH TAHUN 6 can be opended by me. Its a pdf file. Maybe you could try install pdf software. Thanks for the feedback

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