Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pekeliling Perkhidmatan SSM 2012 : New Salary Increase

Pekeliling Perkhidmatan for new 2012 SSM salary has been uploaded in JPA website. Teachers can check out the new pekeliling and know their new salary now which is 13% increase as announced.

Automated Pengiraan Pemindahan Gaji 

Also can be found in the website is Pengiraan Pemindahan Gaji which can automatically calculate the new salary for 2012. Just select your Grade followed by previous 2011 salary and you will get your new January 2012 salary. To calculate your new salary now, click the link below .

Kenaikan Gaji Tahunan (KGT) Annual Increase
  • KGT for new SSM is still the same as found in SBPA. 
  • Example: Grade 41 KGT increase is RM225 which is a big different from RM90 KGT before this.
  • Have to wait for kelulusan pergerakan gaji first before enjoying KGT, normally around May to June.
  • Then KGT will be paid for the outstanding months.
  • COLA will only be enforced from 1st of April 2012. There is no outstanding (tunggakan) to be paid regarding COLA.
For more information, teachers can click the links below for the related pekeliling.

So, teachers. Are you satisfied or the other way round ? :)


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