Thursday, February 23, 2012

CUEPACS GAJI SBPA Proposal: RM700 to RM2500 Increase Grade 1- 54


Recently, the SBPA salary proposal presented by CUEPACS is focused on Grade 1  -54 group. Compare to Premier and JUSA group which has been enjoying SBPA salary around RM 60000, RM45000, RM 30000  per month. For example.

  • Premier 1 : RM60,000 per month without allowance
  • Premier 2 : RM40,000 per month without allowance
  • Premier 3 : RM40,000 per month without allowance
  • Premier 4 : RM35,000 per month without allowance
  • JUSA C : increase more than RM5,000
What is interested here has been the CUEPACS demand of salary increase which  is quite surprising.
Among CUEPACS Demand and SBPA Salary proposal presented are:

 Salary increase between RM 700 to RM2500 involving civil servant Grade 1 to 54.
  1. This salary increase have to be implemented through current SSM scheme
  2. After salary increase is implemented, only then SBPA to be revised
  3. Civil servant who is at maximum level in salary scale or final scale( Tangga Gaji Mati) has to be paid the outstanding salary increase they did not enjoy before that as well as to be upgraded.
  4. For example, civil servants whose salary increase has stopped since five years ago, if their yearly increase was RM100, they have to be paid the outstanding of RM500.
  5. CUEPACS also demanded civil servant who has passed PTK at level 4 before December 2011 have to be given salary increase on par with their effort all the while.

Salary Proposal SBPA Cuepacs : Salary Increase

  • Gred 1 – 16 : Increase RM700
  • Gred 17 – Gred 26 : Increase RM1,000
  • Gred 27 – Gred 40 : Increase RM1,500
  • Gred 41 – Gred 48 : Increase RM1,800
  • Gred 52 – Gred 54 : Increase RM2,500

Salary Increase SBPA Cuepacs : Calculation Example

  • Salary  gred 17 in current  SSM : RM820
  • After salary increase of RM1000 : RM1800
Salary Proposal  SBPA Cuepacs : Choices offered by Cuepacs :
  1. First: CUEPACS feel the proposal make sense and according to government hope to closing gap between higher income and lower income officer.
  2. Kedua : Jika pasukan petugas SBPA merasakan ia akan melibatkan kos yang tinggi, Cuepacs minta kumpulan yang menikmati kenaikan tinggi dalam SBPA dikurangkan dan disalurkan kepada gred bawahan Second: If SBPA team feel it involve high cost to implement the salary increase, CUEPACS requested that  high income group in SBPA to be reduced and given to lower grade group.
  3. Third: If the above cannot be done, CUEPACs requested that whatever content in SBPA now have to be changed everything of it and to be replaced by new terms.
CUEPACS has made all the demands and now waiting for action from the government. Well, What is your opinion on the salary increase SBPA from CUEPACS?  Impossible or


Anonymous said...

not possible.... illogical, actually.

Anonymous said...

yeah... illogical i guess. u dont have to crack your head to study coz u will get high gaji like graduates.

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