Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dokumen Standard Prestasi KSSR for SK and SJK

UPDATED : 28 JUNE 2011

Teachers now can find latest Dokumen Standard Prestasi KSSR for Year 1 and Year 2  which just received from Lembaga Peperiksaan.  For your information, the Dokumen Prestasi for Year 1 and Year 2 are combined. The new Dokumen Year 1 seems to be different from previous version. Teachers who wish to view the Dokumen Standard Prestasi KSSR Tahun 1 and Tahun 2, please find the links below or click more. We are now receiving more Dokumen Stardard and in the process of adding. Please check often.


Teachers need this latest version Dokumen Standard Prestasi KSSR for refernece on how to evaluate the students and how to key in the PBS Pentaksiran data in the Aplikasi SPPBS online.Please find all the Dokumen Standard Prestasi KSSR for SK and SJK below.

i.Falsafah Pendidikan NegaraKLIK DI SINI

1.PendahuluanKLIK DI SINI

2.TafsiranKLIK DI SINI

3.Kerangka Standard PrestasiKLIK DI SINI

4.Tafsiran BandKLIK DI SINI

5.Dokumen Standard Prestasi SK
5.1   Bahasa MalaysiaKLIK DI SINI 
5.2   Bahasa InggerisKLIK DI SINI 

5.3   Bahasa Cina 
5.4   Bahasa Tamil  
5.5   Bahasa ArabKLIK DI SINI 
5.6   MatematikKLIK DI SINI 
5.7   Pendidikan IslamKLIK DI SINI 
5.8   Pendidikan MoralKLIK DI SINI 
5.9   Pendidikan JasmaniKLIK DI SINI 
5.10 Pendidikan KesihatanKLIK DI SINI 
5.11 Dunia Sains dan TeknologiKLIK DI SINI 
5.12 Dunia MuzikKLIK DI SINI 
5.13 Dunia Seni VisualKLIK DI SINI 
5.14 Elemen Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi  KLIK DI SINI

Dokumen Standard Prestasi SJK


Anonymous said...

this is cool. where do you get all this? thanks alot!!!!

Anonymous said...

year 1 and year 2 so are so fast!!! ty

Anonymous said...

Do you have the instrument for all subject?

norsaait said...

terima kasih banyak2 kerana memberi bahan yang sangat berguna untuk semua guru terutamanya guru tahun 1.

Anonymous said...

Do you have the instruments for English Year 1 SJKC?

Admin said...
Please check the above link for instrument.

Anonymous said...

do you have instrument for English Year 2 (SK)? Tq.

Anonymous said...

Dokumen Standard Prestasi Tahun 2 = Tahun 1??

Anonymous said...

do you have dokumen standard prestasi for bi year 2(sk)? tq.

Anonymous said...

Terima kasih kerna sudi berkongsi maklumat KSSR yang begitu padat dan lengkap di laman web anda.

Anonymous said...

is the dokumen standard prestasi for english yr3 available yet?

Admin said...

Dokumen standard prestasi have not released yet. we are waiting for them too. will upload once we get them.

Unknown said...

i'm from publisher compny. i'm searching for writer PBS English Year 3. Those interested pls email me at

kelabict said...

Do you have instrument for Eng Yr 3 and Lesson Plan for the LBI pupils mix with the mainstream class pupils? Plz help me.

Admin said...

Have you search in the linus section?

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