Saturday, December 4, 2010

Double Meaning

Meaning of English words

Used to mean only….
“Memory” was something you lost with age           
“An Application” was for employment                    
“A program” was a TV show                                                 
“A cursor” used profanity                                             
“A keyboard” was an organ                                          
“A virus” was the flu                                                     
“A CD” was a bank account                                          
“A hard drive” was a long trip on the road           
“A MOUSE” is a pest                                                  
“Hardware” are stuff used by carpenter               
“Port” is a place a ship lands                                 
“Server” is a plate use to serve food or drinks     
“Client” is a human being we provide service to 
“Net” is used to catch fish
“Web” is the house of a spider

What about words like “software”, “joystick”, “plug & play”, “wifi”, “touchscreen” etc etc……….

With the computer age, no wonder there are such situation as “generation gap”. Have fun learning the double meaning of simple English words, whether you are young or old.


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