Saturday, December 4, 2010

What is Preposition?

It’s quite common for people to misuse prepositions. At times, I even hear some people say “I’ll get down the train in the Central Station”, when actually it should have been, “I’ll get off the train at the Central Station”. For non-native speakers, this thing about using the appropriate prepositions is a little bit difficult and confusing. However, I hope that this entry will be able to clear out some confusion about the subject.

What is a Preposition?
It’s a word that shows relationship between a noun or a pronoun and another word. It takes an object and connects that object with some other word in the sentence.

Kinds of Prepositions
I. Common Prepositions
about, above, after, among, at, against, before, from, for, except, behind, in, by, near, inside,
of, into, concerning, off, like , down, on, to , during, over, toward, under, up, with, within, without, from, like

II. Prepositional phrases
In the closet
For an hour

III. Phrasal Prepositions
apart from, as well as, along with, in spite of, in accordance with, in view of, in addition to, because of, in place of, on account of, back of, together with, with regard to, contrary to


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