Wednesday, January 30, 2013

UPDATES: RPT, Instrumen, Other Resources

The followings have been updated: 
RPT Bahasa Iban Tahun 1 & 3 shared by Wilhelmina Wong
RPT Bahasa Tamil Tahun 1 shared by Barathy
RPT English Year 3 shared by illina
RPT Dunia Muzik SJKC Tahun 3 shared by Ng Yu Jie from Wong's skydrive
Evidence Dunia Muzik Thn2 SK shared by CikguDayaCute
Evidence Dunia Muzik Thn2 SJKC by Inin Mei Yit from Wong's skydrive
SKT Guru Besar shared by PARAWADHY 
Modul Additional Maths Form 4 shared by Maimunah bt Mohd Saufi
Please find under their respective section. To share, use KSSR Easy Share.


bangim said...

kssr....muzik 4 kelas dsv 8 kelas sains 4 kelas
nak isi sppbs online nanti x banyak ka?

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