Thursday, March 8, 2012

SPBA cancelled, New Salary Adjustment based on SSM

Below is the new info of cancellation of  Sistem Saraan Baru Perkhidmatan Awam (SPBA)
  • SBPA is cancelled , returned to upgraded SSM
  • Salary adjustment based on SSM matrix :
  • 13 % for Pengurusan and Profesional ( grade 1-54)
  • 9 % for Gred Utama and Khas C, B and A
  • 8 % for Turus III and II
  • 7 % for Turus I and Ketua Setiausaha (KSN)
  • Matrix changed to Minimum and maximum - Grade 1- 54
  • Minimum and maximum salary with the rate of RM80 to RM 320 for Grade 1-54 while Grade JUSA remain the same based on annual increment of SSM.
  • COLA allowance for Area B increase from RM 200 to RM 250 a month. Area C from RM 100 to RM150.
  • Incentive for Perkhidmatan Krtitikan, WIlayah, Pedalaman, Subjek Pendidikan remain the same as now.
So, are teachers satisfied with this? or dissatisfied?



it's good...but hw abt the promotion for DG 41 and DG 44 in primary schools...the KKPK heads alll in DG 32, 34 and 38 categories. so, they only fight for themselves. It's still 5 % BISP for graduates teachers compare to 10 % for non graduates...the promotion in primary schools only for non graduates and what the KPPK doing abt this ? This is the time for us to think abt our membership in's no use to stay in a union which is only fight for certain group. Goverment want the teachers in primary are graduates..but hw abt the GP and Gb's ? What the real thing fight by the KPPK ? just for themselves and their family...? Just, no answer from KPPK, although so many mails send to them ... FRUSTrating

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. U hv some good, point here.

Queeny said...

Lwpas cancel sbpa, bru ok skit. Kalu tak org atasan dpt lebih byk dr kita yg bawah bawah ni. Tapi masih ada skit kwlemahan. Hrp jwtkuasa dpt mantapkan lagi.

Anonymous said...

Quite happy to have increase 13%. But y elaun wilayah no inc macam cola? Tapi I am satisfy with it.

Anonymous said...

little bit happy

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