Saturday, December 3, 2011

Is this the New Skim Gaji SPBA coming out soon?

Here are some info on Skim Gaji SBPA from a reliable source. Some said this is indeed the same with the Pekeliling SBPA coming out soon.

Grade code Change:
DG41 to DG1-1
DG44 to DG1-2
DG48 to DG1-4
DG52 to DG1-5 
DG54 to DG1-6
*no DG1-3, probably kept for other purpose.

Annual Increment:

DG 41 - RM 230
DG 44 - RM 250
DG 48 - RM 270
DG 52 - RM 290
DG 54 - RM 320

Promotion Period:

DG 1-1 to DG 1-2 = 8 years
DG 1-2 to DG 1-4 = 8 years
DG 1-4 to DG 1-5 = 6 years
DG 1-5 to DG 1-6 = 3 years

Min and Max Salary

DG 41 ( DG 1-1 ) RM 1925….maximum RM 6220
DG 44 ( DG 1-2 ) RM 2985….maximum RM 7235
DG 48 ( DG 1-4 ) RM 4390….maximum RM 8710
DG 52 ( DG 1-5 ) RM 5260….maximum RM 9610
DG 54 ( DG 1-6 ) RM 7025….maximum RM 11,505

  • Salary to be revised every 3 years. Next will be in 2015.
  • Allowance to be revised 2013 and 2016.
  • Pelarasan Gaji to be done 2014 and 2017 depending on government financial.
  • Promotion to higher grade (Kenaikan Pangkat) does not depend on Kekosongan Jawatan anymore, but on performance and Syarat Kelayakan.
  • A teacher can be promoted to DG54 (DG1-6) if he or she has 25 years in service.
  • Syarat Sah Dalam Perkhidmatan is now 6 months and Kursus Induksi is only 5 days.
We are trying to get more info especially on DG29 and DG32 which are not stated here.
Anyone can confirm this?  The Pekeliling SBPA is expected to be announced in these few days. Stay tunes!


Anonymous said...

i hope that the salary scheme not victimising the senior teachers as happenend in diploma scheme

Anonymous said...

those teachers work more than10 years and the new comers in diploma scheme had a difference salary of rm 250 per month and so the dg29 to 32 .i hope that senior teachers will be appreciated and given some incentives maybe one or two increments from the starting salary in spba

Anonymous said...

I wish that the contract teachers are entitled to the school holidays as other teachers.
We are doing the same amount of work, even more in certain schools .

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