Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sistem Pengurusan Latihan Guru ( e-SPLG ) | Teachers Courses Management System

Click below for SPL KPM:

Updated 5/10/2015

The new SPL KPM link is as below

UPDATED :24/11/2011

Please be informed that Sistem e-SPLG is divided into two links for SU and Individuals as below.

The dateline has been extended further to January 2012.

UPDATED :15/11/2011

What a headache, for teachers who are finding this Sistem Pegurusan Latihan Guru ( e-SPLG) correct website. It has been changing everyday to at least three web URL addresses ! 

Here, we have listed out all the web addresses which has known to be worked well before. Please try from the top one first. 

  1. (works at the time being)

UPDATED : 14/11/2011

Teachers, there is a new link opened to Sistem Pengurusan Latihan Guru ( e- SPLG). Please click the banner bottom again  to access the new link.

Teachers are now required to fill in the all LADAP, KKL or BR courses detail they attended from January until December 2011 in a new online system (one more?) called e-SPLG ( Sistem Pengurusan Latihan Guru).

The period of logging in the e-SPLG was actually opened until 30 November, but the system are still closed today due to upgrade as said in the website. The website stated that the system will be operated again from 21 November 2011 and the period has been extended to 30 December 2011.

For teachers or schools who still have not known or do not believe of this extra holiday job, can take a look of the directive order letter from BPG.

The existance of this e-SPLG means our blue Kad Pelaporan Latihan KPM will be expected to be abolished next year. Is this another flop or another upgrade? Haha..

Anyway, do not forget to login and update the LADAP courses details during your holiday ! :)ttps://


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