Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sistem Tarantula : i-NILAM | Login Aplikasi i-Nilam

This year, teachers have to key in the Tarantula : i-Nilam system which is a newer version than last year. Heard that this i-Nilam system has better than last year.

Here teachers can find very useful links below such as the Panduan Login Sistem i-Nilam, Cetak Sijil and the Tatacara i-Nilam.

User ID for the i-Nilam system is normally your IC number and the Password i-Nilam you need to ask your school management.

For schools who has implemented the i- Nilam in year 2010 has to do the Proses Naik Kelas first before is allowed to import data from SMM 2011.

For schools who just started to implement i-Nilam in year 2011 can straight away import data from SMM2011.

Below here is the useful links to the Tarantula :i-Nilam system . Happy key in!!!


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