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For teachers especially Chinese, you can check on this year 2011 astrology forecast. Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

Check which is your Chinese Horoscope Animal Sign and Kua number.

Chinese Astrology for the Year of the Golden Metallic Rabbit 2011

Feng Shui 2011 Forecast for Rat
Feng Shui 2011 Forecast for RatThis is a good year for the Rat-born. Many of you will enjoy better success luck if you develop patience and be careful not to pick a fight unnecessarily. This is because you are hit by the quarrelsome star #3 which brings hostility, arguments and even lawsuits. Try to practice tolerance and do not blow things out of proportion. Your anger will only cause you to miss out on opportunities and hamper good things to come to you. Suppress the angry star #3 with cures. Carry special amulet cures Manjushri Flaming Sword Keychain to prevent from getting yourself into confrontations and legal entanglements. It is when these obstacles are cleared that a Rat person can enjoy good fortune luck and some serious prosperity luck in 2011. Those in managerial and patriarchal/matriarchal positions will enjoy good luck and big success thanks to the General Star and two Big Auspicious Big stars brought by the 24 mountains constellation. Remember to keep the quarrelsome energy in control. Watch out for slander, gossip and office politics and do not let trivial things to develop into big problems.
Although the Rat will become successful during this year, you should be very careful to not push your boundaries; many people may see you as becoming ego-centric, arrogant and loud-mouthed. To prevent these negativities and to keep your intentions pure, you should wear the Colorful Liu li Crystal Mystic Knot Bracelet – this beautiful symbol will allow you a renewed sense of patience and calm. If you wish to keep good relationships with your clients and colleagues, you can keep on your desk the Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque or 8 inch Ksitigarbha's Staff. Carry a Feng Shui Rooster Keychain or Manjushri Flaming Sword Keychain with you for added protection from quarellsome energy. Also, displaying the Star of David Crystal Balls in your main family room will allow your aspirations to be brought to life.

Feng Shui Forecast 2011 for Ox
Feng Shui Forecast 2011 for OxThe Ox born person will enjoy a surge of good fortune in the year of the Rabbit 2011 because the star of Golden deity is in your direction and you’re also flanked by two Big Auspicious stars brought by the 24 Mountain constellations. The Golden Deity star brings support from the heavens. To best utilize the beneficial effects of this Deity, invite the Golden Guan Yin Seated on Lotus into your home to magnify its energy and good fortune luck to the family. Carry a Feng Shui Golden Fuk Luk Sau Keychain. You’re also blessed by the auspicious number 1 white star which brings victory and success luck. You will have better edge over your competitor. You’re in your element this year and big successes are coming on their way into your life. However, you are slightly afflicted by the hostility star #3 which could attract court cases and litigations. Watch out for envious and jealous foes. Protect yourself with Manjushri Flaming Sword Keychain. Enhance with Feng Shui products to ensure good luck ripens for you and to make it easy for you to triumph over competition, enemies and obstructions.
Despite the tendencies for benefits this year, you should still be cautious and be sure to keep with you the Three Legged Toad with 10 Coins or Obsidian Money Frog to Attract Wealth Amulet, which will solidify your luck. In addition to this, placing the Fly On Horse in the NE sector of your home will help you to defeat any turmoil and misfortunes in your path.
In your home, there are a number of Feng Shui products that the Rooster Zodiac can use during this year; a Tibetan Prayer Wheel, which in the center contains sacred microfilms on which “Om Mani Padme Hum” is printed on, will bring an abundance of luck when it is spun at least once a day. Another Feng Shui product to be used is the Om Mani Padme Hum Clear Quartz Crystal Point, which will allow for self-development and retention of good fortune. You can keep the Eight Auspicious Keychain and Aventurine Bracelet with Tibetan Dzi Bead, as both of these items will make this year smooth-flowing and filled with happiness.

2011 Feng Shui Forecast for Tiger
2011 Feng Shui Forecast for TigerIn the year 2011. the Tiger born person enjoys the lucky White Flying Star #1 which brings victory and triumph. The Tiger will have high potential to achieving goals and for winning your competition. Success luck in achieving attainment improves a lot as you are also supported by the Heaven Seal Luck in the constellation of the 24 Mountain stars which brings assistance from the higher level. Mentor luck is good. Opportunities abound. The Tiger sign also benefits from the Big Auspicious star indicating at least one breakthrough will come to you this year. On the negative side, you are indirectly afflicted by the misfortune Five Yellow star. Aggravations and setbacks caused by this star will be more likely brought by a Rabbit person. Use cures such as Trinity Pagoda in the East sector to suppress its negative influence. This star will also bring minor sicknesses. It’s going to be an exciting year for you if you do not let the nearby Five Yellow spoil things for you and prevent you from reaping the full benefits of the lucky stars in your home direction. You should constantly carry a 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life Keychain, Trinity Five Element Pagoda Keychain or wear a Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Feng Shui Pendant, as this will keep you safe from any evils or malicious intents manifested from the Five Yellow. Also, to further augment the sanctions of the Star of Heavenly Seal, you should wear the Jade Dragon Pendant to further activate the luck brought by this heavenly star.

Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast 2011 for Rabbit
Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast 2011 for RabbitThe Rabbit year 2011 is not a good year for those born in the Rabbit year. Its home direction East is hit by the malignant Five Yellow #5 star in full force. This cosmic affliction brings illness, misfortune, negative outcomes and hardships. Ensure that you do not cause too much noise in this sector – no renovation, banging, knocking or loud music. Remedy it with Five Element Pagoda and wear a Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Feng Shui Pendant as well at all times or the year can be rather overwhelming for you in a bad way. 2011 is also a particularly challenging year for the Rabbit because of the Three Killings aiming at you from the opposite – West. There is indication of loss of reputation, wealth and relationships. Stay upbeat and be more careful. Be defensive and get yourself protected with Feng Shui amulets such as the 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain. Don’t be impatient and impulsive in chasing success and wealth as you are more likely to come out defeated than otherwise. You are also in indirect conflict with the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) which creates obstacles for success and could bring bad luck leading to financial loss. Wear a Tiger's Eye Pi Yao Protection Pendant Amulet to appease Tai Sui.
To disperse the effects of the Three Killings Star, display the Three Divine Guardians in the West sector of your home; the 3 Chi Lins will have the same effects. The Kuan Yin Amulet Tassels will protect you when it is hung in the East sector of your home, and you will also be protected by the Wu Lou with Mystic Knot Keychain if you carry it with you at all times.
To overcome these misfortunes and repel the negative effects of the Five Yellow, place the Five Element Pagoda in a prominent area in the East sector of your home. Also in the East, you can place the Luck Transforming Fan, and turn it every day. In your living room, you should place a Feng Shui Crystal Lotus Flower, as this will hinder the effects of evils in your home. Carry a 5 Element Trinity Pagoda Keychain With Om Ah Hum or a Trinity Five Element Pagoda Keychain.

Horoscope Feng Shui 2011 Forecast for Dragon
Horoscope Feng Shui 2011 Forecast for DragonThe Dragon-born will have a better year than last year. As heaven luck from the star #6 is in your home direction, you will find your success luck improves and setbacks to be minor. In addition to this, you will be granted with assistance from those around you, allowing you to overcome any obstacles you face and allow for smooth sailing. You will experience unexpected victory and a series of small but meaningful victories provided the malicious five yellow in your chart is kept under control. It’s prudent to keep yourself protected from this star to ensure you make the most of your good fortune in 2011. Carry a 5 Element Trinity Pagoda Keychain With Om Ah Hum or a Trinity Five Element Pagoda Keychain. Place the Five Element Pagoda in a prominent area in the East sector. Do not stress yourself too much this year with work. You should take good care of your health and wellbeing. Do not be impatient by going after some big deal and eyeing only on the big prize. Think long term, stay grounded and steadily build your foundation and you are more assured of success. This is a year to build strong foundation for the future. Energize the lucky #6 with feng shui products made of metal such as Antiquated Brass Chinese Emperors Coins.
Despite the natural windfall luck that will come your way, there are still a number of Feng Shui products that can be used to enhance this luck and ensure a constant flow. The first are 6 Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging or Yellow Jasper Wu Lou with 6 Coins Hanging; these should be displayed in the SouthEast sector of your living room. The Eight Immortals on Boat, also in the Southeast sector, will help you to climb the career ladder and defeat any colleagues who might try to betray you. Another useful item to have this year is the Three Eye Tibetan Dzi Bead.

Feng Shui Horoscope 2011 Forecast for Snake
Feng Shui Horoscope 2011 Forecast for SnakeIt’s another great year for the Snake born in 2011. All indications of your cosmic forces and Feng Shui winds blowing your way are positive which means you will enjoy auspicious good fortune luck. Your luck is on a roll so strike while it’s hot because it’s not often you have so many lucky stars congregate in your chart like this year. You are certain to achieve in full measure on whatever you set your mind on doing. You’ll find yourself benefit from the Heaven #6 star as well as some very powerful 24 Mountain stars helping you. Success luck is excellent so do not waste the year. Opportunities can be seized easily. Aim high. Put your ideas and plans into action and watch it leapfrog, grow and expand! Carry a Evil Eye with Om Mani Padme Hum Keychain to protect yourself from jealous competitors. If you take care of your health and do not let the indirect illness energy affect you, you will enjoy superlative luck in 2011. Carry health amulets with you at all times. To prevent diseases and bad health from entering your life, keep Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s) on both sides of your bedroom or beside your bed and in the South location, in addition to always carrying a Obsidian Wu Lou Health Amulet or wearing a Wu Lou Pendant.
You should also wear Citrine Bracelet with 21 Eye Dzi, to bring you magnificent windfall luck and happiness.

2011 Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast for Horse
2011 Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast for HorseIn 2011 the year of the Rabbit, you are flanked by two Big Auspicious Stars from the 24 Mountain Constellations, indicating something great coming into your life. However, your main concern this year is your health as you are plagued by the Illness Flying Star #2. Place necessary Feng Shui cures such as brass Wu Lou in the South sector to suppress the sickness energy here. Wear health enhancing crystals and amulets such as Medicine Buddha Pendant. You are also hit by the Reducing Energy Star, therefore, you must drum up your enthusiasm inside you so that you can overcome any hindrances that obstruct your progress this year. If you are able to keep your energy level high and keep charging forward despite the setbacks, this year can be exceptional.
Although you will find yourself excelling in areas of your life such as business, career and fortune finding, all of these benefits will come at the decline of your health – this is further worsened due to lower energy levels. You can seek help from wearing the Obsidian Hu Lu Pendant for Health Luck or Tibetan Dzi Bead with Wu Lou Bloodstone Bracelet or carrying the Yellow Jasper Wu Lou Hanging .
During the year 2011, you must very cautious about your health and take care to maintain a safe lifestyle. Keep with you at all the times the Longevity and Fortune Tibetan Dzi Bead. In the South sector of your home, you can place the Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s), as well as the Colorful Goddess of Wealth. Both of these items will increase your success and wealth while keeping you safe and out of harm’s way.

2011 Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast for Sheep
2011 Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast for SheepPeople born in the year of Sheep will have a mix of good and bad in 2011. You will be blessed with the revitalization of romance and relationships luck – this is because the Star of Love and Romance will be in your area. However, this will cause some problems in your career or business, because you will be blinded, and will therefore be more susceptible to distractions. Domestic issues and family well-being will engage your attention quite seriously this year with love, romance, marriage and domestic matters taking precedence over work and business related issues. The Peach Blossom influence in your chart brings passion into your relationships. If you are single, you will find your romantic life active, sometimes even for the married. But for some, this star might manifest as infidelity and attract third party interference into the marriage. You are therefore advised to carry amulets such as Rooster with Fan and Amethyst Keychain, Bejeweled Mystic Knot Lucky Charm Keychain or Rose Quartz Fox Infidelity Protection Amulet that protect against making bad judgment calls and decision when it comes to matters of the heart.
For assistance in your romance luck and to boost your chances of finding a life partner, using the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (M) will serve you well – simply display it in the SouthWest sector of your home to summon love into your life. If you are still single, then keeping with you the Peach Blossom Rat will definitely help to attract that someone special and ensure a successful marriage once the relationship is stable. Apart from relationships, the Sheep will find success in academic pursuits, as their educational luck will be very high this year. If you are still studying, keep a Clear Quartz Crystal Ball or a 9 Level Green Jade Wen Chang Pagoda in the Northeast sector of your work or study desk, as this will help to develop higher focus and concentration.

2011 Horoscope Forecast for Monkey
2011 Horoscope Forecast for MonkeyPeople born in the year of Monkey will have a better year compared to last year but nevertheless still challenging. Chances of achieving your goal improves. However, you may feel restless, distracted and convinced that you are not at your best at work.  It’s better not to make any major changes this year. Instead, work at sustaining your own inner confidence. There’s an indication of some kind of loss this year – not from burglary, but loss that has to do with you taking things for granted e.g. friendship or support from an influential person. You may get sidelined from politicking so be more sensitive with the events happening around you. The Monkey-born is indirectly hit by the Three Killings which can bring some danger. Your credibility and reputation could be tarnished. Use cures such as the Three Celestial Guardians or a metallic Wind Chimes with Three Chi Lin in the affected corner West of your room to suppress them. Carry a 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain. Good news is that you will have the energy and strength to pull through the year. Trust your instincts and ask for help when needed. Visited by the Peach Blossom Star #4, your love luck is promising! A good year to get married. Those who are married will find new passion in their marriage. Those who are single could find an ideal suitor. Don’t let yourself succumb to temptation and bad influence outside of your marriage and your family life. Use talismans for protection. In the Southwest sector of your family room, the Monkey should hang the Rose Quartz Mystic Knot Love Charm or display Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (M) in a prominent place. Education luck is also good. Good year to take up courses to improve yourself.

Feng Shui 2011 Horoscope Forecast for Rooster
Feng Shui 2011 Horoscope Forecast for RoosterThe Rooster will face some big challenges in the year 2011. You have the most inauspicious forecast as the result of Natural Disaster Star sitting in your home direction and two Three Killings Stars flanking your location.  Be sure to subdue them with Feng Shui cures to remove the negative influences of these stars. The malicious Wu Wang (Five Yellow) is directly facing the Rooster and it brings misfortunes and bad luck. Suppress with Five Element Pagoda. Rooster-born is also confronting the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) and this is considered a very nasty affliction. Appease it with Jade Piyao Tassels in the East sector. You should also wear a Pi Yao amulet such as the Tiger's Eye Pi Yao Protection Pendant Amulet or Jade Pi Yao Bloodstone Lucky Charm Bracelet. You can also carry the Feng Shui Pi Yao Tai Sui Coin Protection Amulet. It’s not completely bad. Your inner chi strength is high so you will be able to ride out the turbulences of the year. The powerful star of 9 (future prosperity star) is in your chart as well so it’s a good year to be ambitious and set your sights on higher level positions. In your office, you should place the Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Dragon Tortoise on your desk or hang the Colorful Crystal Liuli Dragon Ru Yi Tassels in your office, as well as the center of the main room in your home – doing so will enhance the effects of your superior’s compliments, and increase your chances for raises and promotions. Plan well and strategize. Use Feng Shui Crab Keychain to assist you. With the right Feng Shui cures and attitude (determination and drive), you could actually emerge triumphant by year end so don’t give up! Wear the Tiger's Eye Bracelet with Tiger Tooth Dzi Bead; this bead will help you excel in life, allowing you to find your inner willpower and perseverance and fight for what you deserve. In addition to this, you can also display the Three Carps with Crystal Ball during this year, as it will allow them to embrace the harmony between earth, heaven and the human race.

Horoscope Forecast 2011 for Dog
Horoscope Forecast 2011 for DogYour cosmic winds bring excellent prospects and wealth luck as the prosperity star #8 flies into your location in 2011. You also have the Small Auspicious Star in your chart which indicates a Dog person will enjoy some good fortune and small successes, possibly contributed by a Boar person. However, the 24 Mountain Constellations do not entirely bode well with your zodiac sign with the Star of 3 Killings and Yearly Conflict sitting in your location and spoiling your luck. These stars bring envious people who might try to harm you and cause obstacles to your endeavors. Use Feng Shui Rooster on Treasure to counter office politicking and backstabbing. With poor Inner Essence and Life Force, you are susceptible to bad intention of rivals and competitors. Protect yourself with Feng Shui Fu Dogs or Kwan Kong on Horse. It’s advisable to slow down your work pace and simply go with the flow this year. 2011 is not a year to aggressively pursue big ambitions and dreams. It’s important to stay optimistic and control your temper. With that and coupled with the right feng shui products, this year will be liberally sprinkled with good news and exciting developments that bring a smile to your face.
Place Colorful Eight Immortals On Boat (s) or Eight Feng Shui Horses in the Northwest sector to augment the energy of #8 star. Display Feng Shui crystals in this sector to attract the best this star has to offer. Some suggestions are Star of David Crystal Balls, Crystal Trees, Amethyst Crystal Point, Five Element Fengshui Crystal Balls and Crystal Mystic Knot Tassels.

Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast 2011 for Boar
Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast 2011 for BoarThe Boar-born enjoys the good fortune of prosperity-bringing #8 star in the Northwest sector in 2011. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to expand your assets and wealth this year. You also enjoy fabulous indications from the 24 Mountain Constellation stars namely the magnifying Yi Duo Star and both the Small and Big Auspicious Stars. The presence of these highly auspicious stars will help suppress weaker indications in your element forecast – which suggests that success luck is downgraded with obstructions to your projects or completion of deals, making this year not as good as last year. Display dragon of success figurines in your home direction. These hindrances do not come from people as you are well-liked by colleagues and friends but rather from bad luck which can be easily subdued with fengshui cures and amulets such as Green Aventurine Pi Yao Adjustable Bracelet to help you stay strong to take the fullest advantage of the year’s lucky energies. All in all, this year will be a cheerful one filled with good news and successes. Wear Citrine Bracelet with Tibetan 9 Dzi to enhance your wealth luck and remove obstacles. You should also wear the Ammonite Shell Pendant, which will allow a smooth flow of fortune to you. Display Star of David Crystal Balls, Crystal Trees, Amethyst Crystal Point, Five Element Fengshui Crystal Balls and Crystal Mystic Knot Tassels in the Northwest sector to boost the effect of wealth star #8.



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