Monday, January 31, 2011

‘New Deals’ incentives for head teachers

 KUALA LUMPUR: Under the GTP’s Education NKRA, the “New Deals” initiative has been designed to reward school principals and head teachers based on the performances of their schools. Teachers that qualify would also receive financial rewards.
Under the New Deals, school heads are given performance contracts that will ensure transparency in school performance, where each principal or headmaster would know how their schools fare when compared with other schools.
All schools are ranked into seven school bands based on composite scores of the school’s average score (GPS) and its self-assessment – the Standard Quality Education in Malaysia (SQEM).
Band 1 signifies the top-performing schools while Band 7 is the lowest-performing schools.
Primary schools that score at least 84% and secondary schools that score at least 92% will be rewarded.
Schools that make the most significant improvement in their scores would also be rewarded.
Eligible school heads as well as the teachers in the respective schools would receive monetary and non-monetary rewards.
Underperforming school heads would be sent for a performance management programme at Institut Aminuddin Baki and also be involved in coaching and mentoring sessions under the School Improvement Programme (SIP)

TheStar, Monday January 31, 2011


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