Sunday, January 9, 2011

MBMMBI: The Rationale of MBMMBI replacing PPSMI (MOE)

For those searching for MOE explaination of PPSMI abolishment and to be repaced by the new MBMMBI starting this year. Well. here are the MOE rationale behind MBMMBI to replace PPSMI :

  •  The result of UPSR, PMR and SPM showed that the achievement in BM is higher than English irrespective of wheter the students were frmo urban or non urban area. The result showed that students would do better if taught in BM than English.
  • The results of the UPSR in Science and Mathermatics in National Schools showed a deterioration in the achievement of the ABC grades for the first batch who went through the full PPSMI in Primary schools.
  • The gap in achievement between schools in the urban and rural areas in the Science and Mathematics subjects had widened during the implementation of PPSMI..
  • UNESCO studies showed that it would be easier for studetns to learn in their mother tongue at the early stage of education.
  • Full details on MBMMBI here


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