Sunday, November 28, 2010

List of common verbs with suitable adverbs

Here is a list of common verbs with choices of suitable adverbs compiled as examples:-

actedquickly, suddenly, warily
answeredcorrectly, immediately, tartly
ategreedily, hungrily, quickly, slowly
bledfreely, profusely, slightly
bowedhumbly, respectfully, stiffly
caressedfondly, gently, lovingly
chargedbravely, desperately, furiously
chuckledartfully, gleefully, happily
creptquietly, silently, softly, stealthily
decidedcarefully, eventually, immediately
explainedbriefly, clearly, concisely, vaguely
fellheavily, quickly, suddenly
floggedbrutally, cruelly, unmercifully
foughtbravely, furiously, gamely
frownedangrily, sulkily, worriedly
injuredaccidentally, fatally, seriously, slightly
lefthurriedly, quietly, suddenly
listenedanxiously, attentively, carefully
lostbadly, heavily, sportingly
mumbledangrily, inaudibly, indistinctly
pondereddeeply, seriously, thoughtfully
pulledhastily, strongly, vigorously
ranhurriedly, quickly, rapidly, slowly
rememberedclearly, distinctly, faintly, slightly
sangloudly, softly, sweetly, tunefully
shonebrightly, brilliantly, clearly, dimly
shoutedfrantically, joyfully, jubilantly, loudly, suddenly
sleptfitfully, lightly soundly
smiledbroadly, happily, ruefully, sweetly
sneeredinsolently, impudently, tauntingly
spentfoolishly, freely, recklessly, sparingly
spokeclearly, distinctly, earnestly, loudly plainly, slowly
spranghurriedly, lightly, quickly, suddenly
staggeredawkwardly, drunkenly, weakly
strovebravely, desperately, manfully
stutteredexcitedly, haltingly, painfully
trembledfearfully, frightfully, visibly
waitedpatiently, anxiously
walkedclumsily, haltingly, quickly, slouchingly, slowly, smartly
weptbitterly, distractedly, sadly, touchingly
whisperedaudibly, quietly, softly
yieldedstubbornly, weakly, willingly


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